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Our vision is to help companies build a payment strategy that makes sense for their business. Many software companies have a massive opportunity to monetize payments in a very simple way with very little effort and many companies are paying higher fees than they need to be. GranitePay will help reduce your costs and build a revenue model that will align with your company’s goals.

Payment Strategy
Get your company to think of payments as a revenue center


Most companies are paying to much and do not know how to reduce their payments costs


Create a payment strategy to help generate more value and revenue to your business. 


Creating RFPs and payment workflows can be challenging with little room for mistakes. 


Get help setting up a referral model, ISO, ISV agreement or even evaluating the Payfac model.


With over ten years of experience in the payment processing and financial services industry. GranitePay has helped multiple, diverse businesses’ by providing payment strategies, solving the complexity of backend solutions, adding international payments, partner integrations, reducing risk, monetizing payments, and becoming a fully operational payment facilitator.

It's time to regain control of your business
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